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Our disposable E-Hookah comes in 4 popular flavors and has ZERO nicotine, chemical, or tar!

   No tar

   no nicotine

   no chemicals

   no mess

   no cleanup

No charcoal to heat up, no ash, no hookah to clean.

Upto 500 puffs per e-hookah = 100g of shisa or roughly 2 packs of cigarettes


Rockin Blueberry and Convicted Melon!

Incredible mouth watering flavors, not just a hint of flavor.




   Great Gift

A socially attractive way to a cleaner atmosphere. 
Amazing smoke volume.

Great for those on a DIET.  Helps with a sweet fix to curb those cravings, espeically during the holidays and special occasions.

berry strawberry

cool bliss

apple dapplez